Animals Available for Adoption

Please Find Room In Your Home And Heart To Take In One Of These Special Little Critters Today


Earl the African Grey Earl is a 3 year old African Greay Parrot who came to AF June 7. He loves to have his picture taken and to be the center of attention. He needs a one bird home and someone who will sing, talk and whistle right along with him.
Jasper Jasper came to AF after a horrible cow tipping accident. (He actually fell over) He has had to learn and trust that he can be in the pasture at night without being in any danger. He needs a loving soul who will not judge him on his past but someone who will help restore his dignity.
Ernie and Bert Two of the best behaved, & quiet pets you could ever have. Earnie and Bert must go to the same home, as they are a bonded pair that have shared the same bowl for 16 years now. **They do not do well out of water**
Wally Wally is one of our "special needs" animals that will eventually require surgery. It seems that his tongue keeps falling out of his mouth, and he can't keep his mouth shut. This is a simple procedure but a lot of love and attention is going to be needed to help his self-image. He needs a non-judgmental family that will love him even when he trips on his own tongue. Wally is 2 years old. WARNING: Please do not step on his tongue while he is sleeping, he gets quite angry!
Yoda The picture says it all... Yoda loves to spend his days and nights eating bamboo. If you don't bother him, he won't bother you. Just make sure that you have plenty for him to eat at all times.
Chip Chip is a friendly little guy. Who loves to run and play on the ground and up in the trees. Chip needs to be adopted by a one chipmunk home. He's a little timid and shy to begin with, but offer him a nut and see what happens.
Hillary & Charles This dynamic due joined us at AF in the fall of 2000. It seems that the previous owners could not financially care for this couple in the manner that they had become accustom too. Hillary is always looking glamorous setting some of the newest doggy fashion trends. Charles will always be found by her side, ready to give her a compliment that will make her glow. They are inseparable. This cute couple makes all the other dogs envious at the no leash park.